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“Vikingur” – “Gapnarfjordur”. Artem Stepanenko’s forecast

The favorite of this pair is the Icelandic club, but in the first match they did not have to prove their advantage. Vikingur is the best team in the Faroe Islands, but the level is still “not the best”. This match will be played on a neutral field, which in fact should not change the pattern of the game, against the background of the 1-1 result of the first match. I’ll bet that today the teams will be somewhat more accurate, more than enough chances are being formed (a missed home goal does not give Gapnarfjordur a chance to play from his own goal on hold). I will offer a score 1-3.

Ordinary: Loss

-1000 ₴

20: 00/18 July

Vikingur – Gapnarfjordur